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The Fundamental Components And Methods Of Modern PCB Assembly


PCB assembly or PCBA involves processes, technologies, tips, and strategies in order to produce quality outcomes. Hence, PCBA is the method of assembly or soldering electronic parts to the PCB. The circuit board before assembly of the electrical parts is called PCB. After all the necessary parts are soldered, you now call it “printed circuit assembly” or printed circuit board assembly. It’s also important to take not that assembling circuit boards varies from the manufacturing process. This is why you need PCBNet to help you understand the specialized techniques in creating ideal PCBs in the market.

PCB assembly includes various methods such as PCB prototype creation and PCB design. Here, you can get the various methods of PCB assembly. After the PCB is done, the electrical components are soldered prior to using the gadget or electronic equipment. The assembly process actually depends on the specific type of boards, electronic components, and purposes you are targeting. And in order to complete the assembling of these parts, you will need printed circuit board, electronic components, soldering materials, soldering flux, and soldering equipment. If you have all these requirements, you can now arrange the raw materials and electronic parts in order to begin the process of assembling.

PCBA with Through-Hole Electronic Parts

PCB AssemblyElectronic parts which contain leads from and to the through-holes for soldering process actually refer to the through-hole electronic parts. The soldering or assembly process involves hand soldering and wave soldering wherein solder bars is used at high temperature bath. The solder stays within the bath via molten form while forming waves at extremely high temperature. However, it’s important to understand that the temperature may depend on soldering type used. The traditional lead or tin solder contain low melting point unlike lade-free solder.

The PCBs with through-hole electronic parts are passed over via molted solder by using conveyor belt. The following are the steps included during te whole-wave soldering process:

• Insertion of electrical parts

• Flux application

• Pre-heat

• Cleaning

• Testing

After this process, PCBs are then cleaned before they are tested. If there are faults or errors in solder joints, it is reworked through hand soldering done within manufacturing units where repair and rework jobs are completed. An excellent quality soldering iron or soldering station, flux, and solder wire are used when finishing this process.

What Are Surface Mount Technologies or SMTs

SMTs are PCBAs for SMD electric parts. The SMD parts do not actually have legs or leads so they are attached on the circuit board’s surface. However, the soldering materials, electric parts, and tools used in assembling the boards differ from through-hole soldering method. With the multiple steps needed in PCB assembly, you will need an expert assistance in order to help you produce the right ones for your business. You can count on PCBNet to guarantee results after the entire process.

Pcb fabricationWhen it comes to assembling and testing through-hole tech and SMT, there are various components to be considered before starting the process. For through-holes, component leads will be put in the circuit board while the leads will be soldered through the wave soldering method. Some components of SMT are put at the bottom of the circuit boards in order to efficiently solder them via wave soldering method as well. With SMT method, solder paste will be deposited through the connection pad and the components are put on the pads. When testing the PCBs, the assembled products are put in a fixture in order to bring electrical power and assess their functions.

Other Important Processes Involved

The active circuit boards will then be put in the “environmental stress system” or ESS chamber to cycle between low and high temperature systems within a specific amount of cycles in order to help identify if the stresses initiate failures on the assembled PCBs. If failures are detected, the boards will be evaluated again to determine the cause. With PCBNet’s expertise, you are guaranteed to receive high functioning printed circuit boards for your electronic needs. All you need to do is contact the hot line and talk to one of the representatives available.

The technologies, expertise, and advantages of gas supply provide by PCBNet in fact offer more advanced tools and higher profits to manufacturing businesses around the world. You can also take advantage of reduced defects, up time, and improved total costs for the ownership in PCBA as well as test methods needed in the fabrication process. Improve your processed and equipment today with PCBNet’s professional and highly skilled engineers and technicians. Don’t be left behind. Working with a reliable PCB assembly partner today will provide you better marketability while enjoying cost efficient solutions offered by PCBNet.

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Kelly Rodriguez

Callaway Speed Regime Golf Balls


In the 18th of December 2013, Callaway golf Company released to the international market the much awaited golf balls (tour levels) that are meticulously designed and specifically intended for more speed, power and distance for every golf player’s swing for maximum performance. These golf balls are called the Callaway Speed Regime golf balls. They are available in three types:


• The first type of Speed Regime golf balls is the SR1 

This type of golf balls are intended to produce peak performance for ninety (90) miles per hour and below swing speeds.

1.This will be very beneficial to golf players who have very high swinging speeds. How? Remember that when the golf player swings the ball in low speed, it is not usually restrained or hampered by the force of drag. As such, there is no need to minimize its effects. Instead, the Callaway golf company focused on developing an aero dynamic technology that will provide a good lift at lower speeds when the golf ball is about to descend to the ground. As such, the priority in SR1 is to make the golf ball stay in the air for as long as possible in order to improve the distance that it will reach.

• The second type of Speed Regime golf balls is the SR2 

This type of golf balls are intended to produce maximum performance for ninety (90) miles per hour to one hundred five (105) miles per hour swing speeds.

1.This will be very beneficial to golf players who have medium swinging speed. How? Remember that when the golf player swings the ball in medium speed, it is restrained by the force of drag (not as much as in very high speeds just off the tee) and at the same time bad lift at low speeds (when the ball is already descending). As such, the Callaway company focused on developing an aero dynamic technology that will strike a balance between minimizing the effects of drag (just off the tee) and maximizing good lift at low speeds (when the ball is about to descend to the ground).

• The third type of Speed Regime golf balls is the SR3

This type of golf balls are intended to produce the highest levels of performance for one hundred five (105) miles per hour and above swing speeds.

1.This will be very beneficial to golf players who have very high swinging speed. How? Remember that when a high speed swinging player hit the golf ball, the said golf ball is unnecessarily restrained or hampered just off the tee by the force of drag. Hence, the distance that can be reached by the golf ball is significantly reduced. Thus, the Callaway Company intended to combat this problem by developing a technology that effectively minimizes the effects of drag forces using aero dynamics. In this way, the SR3 golf ball will reach more distance.

The three different SRs are important because golf players have different swinging speeds. In order to deal with this fact, the Callaway golf company developed an exciting technology called the HEX Aerodynamics which is included in every Speed Regime golf ball package distributed throughout the world.

According to the company, they highly recommend that future users of the Speed Regime try out the golf balls in different courses before purchasing them. In this way, they will feel and see the advantages that the Speed Regime golf balls offer to every golf player.

Moreover, the Callaway golf company stated that starting 24th of January, 2014, the Speed Regime balls will be available throughout the United States and through online retailers.

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Micheal Lindsey

How To Get Great Bargains When Ordering Custom Patches


Most sports teams and corporations use custom patches on their uniforms to present their organizations. This is because made-to-order patches look more unique and professional than pre-designed emblem patches and shirt-printed emblems. The team symbols or name plates last longer and they don’t damage the uniforms when they fade away with time. Most of all, customized patches are preferred by large organizations because of its affordability. With the right tactics, customers can save more money when they buy the customized types instead of the mass-produced ones.

Below we’ve prepared five tips on how to get the best bargains when ordering custom patches:
1. Wait for seasonal discount offers:

Some patch makers offer product discounts a few months before a national event takes place. Meanwhile, some offer discounts a few weeks before a holiday season begins. If you already have a trusted seller, inquire first if they offer any discount before placing your orders. You may even try asking for a quotation of your order months before school season or sports season starts. However, note that some sellers only offer these promos for certain types of products for a particular quantity of orders.

2. Order during low-demand seasons:

Contrary to the condition above, some sellers and makers of custom patches tend to offer more discounts during seasons when they receive the least amount of orders. If your chosen patch maker does not offer discounts during special seasons, there is a high chance that they belong to this group. Most sellers do this as a form of “low-time” promotion. In order to balance their flow of income throughout the year, they purposely try to attract more customers using discount offers on days when they have the lowest number of demands.


For schools and sports teams, placing your order during the low-time seasons may actually have more advantages than placing it during high-time seasons. Because of the low number of demand, you don’t have to compete with a lot of customers in order to make your patch maker prioritize your order. This also increases your opportunity to choose which type of materials you’d like to be used for your custom patches.

3. Carefully Pick Your Raw Materials:

If you don’t have the time to wait on seasonal discounts, you may try ordering from patch makers who offer discounts based on your material-of-choice. is a great online source for affordable and fine-quality custom patches. They place no additional charges for the first seven colors included in a customer’s ordered patch design. They also give them the opportunity to choose which type of materials they’d like to be used for the creation of their orders.

4. Order by bulk:

Commercially produced patches and pre-designed patches are usually sold by hobby stores and patch stores per-piece at fixed prices. Meanwhile, custom-made patches are commonly sold by bulk at discounted prices. For most custom patch-sellers, the price-per-piece often decreases as the quantity of the order increases. This is because the production costs on the patch-maker’s end tends to decrease when they produce more of the same outputs using the same materials. The decrease of expenses on materials and freight costs allow patch makers to offer their clients discounts for bulk orders.

To help customers land a bulk price discount, consider ordering patches in a quantity that will keep your patch-stock filled for at least another year. For individuals who belong to large professional corporations, it is highly recommended that they consult their organization’s treasurer or budget holder before they finalize their bulk order. This is because a large quantity of order may require a change of payment scheme and a larger stock area.

5. Order from trusted direct sources:

As much as possible, avoid ordering from patch retailers to avoid additional retail fees. When you order directly from wholesalers, you remove the risks of having to pay excessive hidden charges which are often placed by retailers as mark-up fees. These fees can increase the original order price beyond fifty percent. Some re-sellers may try to justify the excessive mark-up fees by using additional freight cost as an excuse.

To prevent encountering similar types of hassle, avoid ordering your made-to-order patches from unfamiliar sources. Ask friends for recommendations, and validate your custom patch provider’s identity before placing your orders. If you don’t know any trusted patch maker around your area, consider ordering your patches online. ships anywhere in the world, and you may reach them at any time through their website.

Unlike other online patch makers, we, at, do not add hidden charges to the orders they receive. We are very open about the additional cost of threads and backing materials which are available in their production branch. We also have online forms which customers may fill-in for quotation requests. For more information on their products, you may also reach us via email or via phone call. Simply visit our website to access our contact details.

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Kenneth Sullivan

The Military Challenge Coin Game


There many ways to make sure that militaries are carrying their challenge coins. One of them is through the military challenge coin game. There many different stories about this military challenge coin game. They may vary in different ways but they all have one common goal and that is to make sure that members are always carrying their coins.

The rules vary depending on an organization’s preference. They are not always constant or formalized in a certain unit. Only those members that have this challenge coin can join the challenge and it should be formally by their superior to them. Traditionally, Coin Check was actually exclusive for military units only. The challenge of this coin check has already spread to other organizations such as colleges, clubs, and even other civic organizations. They have also adopted their own versions of the military challenge coin. This Military Challenge Coin Game is meant to boost morale unity and loyalty in an organization or unit.

Custom Coin

Military Challenge Coin Game is always announced loudly. This can be made anytime so everyone must always prepare. This is usually done in noisy environments. This coin check challenges are not necessarily played with custom military coins, but with any challenge coin from any group or organizations.

The following are the common steps and rules of this Military Challenge Coin Game or also known as Coin Check.

•The Coin Check begins with one member of the group taking out his/her coin, and forcibly placing the coin on the table or bar to create noise. This is a load and clear sign that a coin check is being challenged.

•If the environment is crowded and noisy, one can continuously tap the custom military coins on the table to attract attention in order to initiate the challenge.

•Accident dropping of custom military coins is considered to be an initiation of the challenge to all members.

•All other members of said group must show their military coins too. Everyone must immediately show the customized challenge coin of their organization

•Any member who does not have the coin must buy drinks for the challenger and other member who has their military coins. One round of drinks will do.

•If everyone does produce their custom military coins, then it’s the challenger’s time must buy the next batch of drinks for everyone.

•Those who refuse to buy drinks are sometimes required to return their coin.

Many holders of custom military coins usually carry them inside their pockets or in some other places that can be easily reached. Coins that are put on buckles or chains are not allowed and acceptable for Military Challenge Coin Game. Wearing the coin around one’s neck is acceptable for in this challenge. You can put it in a pouch or small bag so you can wear it around your neck. Damaging or destruction of the coins is strictly prohibited like making a hole in it so you can attach it to any kind of rope. It is not allowed especially if your main purpose is just to make it easier for you to carry it. These kinds of military coins no longer qualify as challenge coins.

It has always been said that in every challenge or game, there’s always an exception to the rules. There are also Military Challenge Coin Games where they allow the challenged person a step and a reach. There are even instances where an individual with an extra coin is allowed to pass it off to the person closest to him or her. If someone is able to steal a challenge coin, everyone in the group must buy a drink for that person. Some units also provide strict time limits to respond to a challenge.

There are many other stories of the origin of the military challenge coin game. Rules and procedures even vary. But the real purpose of this coin check is to ensure that the unit members carry their military coins. If you are familiar with the history of the challenge coin, you would know that this is for owner’s good and safety. Yes, they are just coins but it is believed that custom military coins already saved many lives.

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Irving Ray

Understanding the Foreclosure Process and the Role of a Long Island Foreclosure Attorney


If you received a pre-foreclosure filing notice from your lender, you should know your legal rights as well as the foreclosure process. Once you missed paying your mortgage loan, your lender expects you to provide an explanation as to why you have not paid. Discuss your situation to a Long Island foreclosure attorney to know what defense options or foreclosure alternatives are available for you.

Foreclosure Process

Many people believe that once the “Summons and Complaint” papers were served to the homeowner, the lender can then take the property for auction. This is not true. Being served with summons and complaint is just the first step in the foreclosure process that may take several months to unfold.

lawAs a homeowner, you have twenty (20) days to respond to the “Summons and Complaint” papers if they were given to you in person or thirty (30) days if you received these papers through mail or were delivered in other ways. Like the “Complaint,” you should formally state your position regarding the case and answer the allegations made by the lender. Your statements make up the structure of the case.

The format of the written response resembles the “Complaint” document. The body of your letter to the judge should be comprised of a sequence of numbered paragraphs, each containing your response to all allegations stated in the Plaintiff’s complaint. If you fail to answer an allegation, the court will consider that you are admitting it is true.

Responding to a complaint can be stressful. Preparing a written answer to the allegations alone can take up much of your time. A Long Island foreclosure attorney, however, can help you in filing answers to the foreclosure complaint.

With the help of a foreclosure attorney, you can better dispute the facts that constitute the claim. Your lawyer can also explain if there are errors related to mortgage servicing or if there are any other defenses that can be used to prevent a court judgment from being granted in favor of the lender. A Long Island foreclosure attorney is experienced in examining whether there could be possible counterclaims or affirmative defenses to a foreclosure action, including predatory lending, Fair Debt Collections Practices Act violations and Truth in Lending Act violations.

If you can prove that there are material facts differences then a trial will be held by the court to know whether foreclosure should or should not occur. The expertise of a Long Island foreclosure attorney is beneficial in fighting foreclosure especially if you have really been victimized by abusive mortgage servicers who may have charged you with unreasonable fees or may have failed to process payments to your account, for instance.

In most cases, the foreclosure action is not called into question especially when the borrower is in default and unable to provide specifics to the contrary. Once the court determined that you did default and that your debt is legally binding, a judgment in favor of the mortgage servicer will be granted.

The judge will appoint a referee to add up the total value owed to the lender in accordance to the mortgage terms, including principal, late charges, foreclosure fees and interest. The lender can then file a motion and request the judge to sign the “Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale” so an auction notice can be published in the newspaper.

Default Judgment

If you have failed to respond to the “Summons and Complaint,” a default judgment will then be entered. This means that you lose the foreclosure case and the lender will be allowed to sell your property. The lender is also not entitled to give you foreclosure sale notice.

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