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Updated: October 26, 2006


Desiree A. Milburn: Ms. Wheelchair California 2003

Desiree A. Milburn: Ms. Wheelchair California, 2003

Desiree A. Milburn was born November 10, 1980 in Fresno, California. She was born with Cerebral Palsy but did not let it get her down. She attended Gingsburg Powers Elementary School in Fresno, California from first grade to eighth grade, Itís a school that teaches speech and physical therapy for individuals like herself who would like to continue life without feeling helpless.

After completion of elementary school she continued on to Roosevelt High School where she completed her general education and graduated from there. She didnít stop there; she continued on to Fresno Pacific College where she received her B. A. degree in Computer Science in December 2002. She is currently employed with Social Vocational Services in Fresno, California.

Desiree is trying to let people know that for people with disabilities, its not their mind that is stopping them, it is their bodies.

Her major goal is to help people with disabilities, alike or even those unalike, and let them know that just because you have a disability doesnít mean that you should limit yourself. Sure there are a lot of obstacles, but with the Blessing of Our Lord Jesus Christ, nothing's impossible.



Being part of the Ms. Wheelchair California Pageant was very exciting for me, especially when I won. I learned about the Ms. Wheelchair competition while doing research on the Internet, looking for programs that I could be involved in that would help people understand that even though Iím in a wheelchair, I can do many things and do them well.

I like to advocate for the handicapped people who are nonverbal. That is what inspired me to enter the pageant. The pageant is a good opportunity for handicapped people to be viewed differently. It gives us the chance to demonstrate our outward beauty, and also the beauty inside. Some people tend to view people in wheelchairs all the same, when in actuality we have the same desires and wants as everyone else.

Desiree A. Milburn: Ms. Wheelchair California, 2003



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